We believes in perfection, and it's not just a name for us; it's our core driver and the code we strive to uphold.

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The Art of Packaging

The Art of Packaging System Testing

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Sectors, the pursuit of excellence isn’t just a goal; it’s the driving force that defines IETQAN. With unwavering commitment, IETQAN demonstrates this dedication through its meticulous approach to Packaging System Testing.

 When it comes to packaging, “Packaging System Validation” becomes the cornerstone that ensures products are shielded with perfection. IETQAN’s process delves beyond the surface, meticulously assessing and validating packaging systems to ensure they meet “Regulatory Compliance” and industry standards.

 A pivotal technique employed by IETQAN is the “Accelerated Aging Study.” This technique simulates real-world conditions, exposing packaging materials to factors like temperature and humidity, all while taking into account the essential keyword of “Packaging System Integrity.” By subjecting materials to these conditions, potential vulnerabilities are uncovered, leading to fortified packaging designs.

 IETQAN’s dedication to perfection extends to its alignment with ISO standards, notably “ISO 17025” and “ISO 17020.” Such adherence epitomizes the commitment to “Quality Assurance,” echoing the resonance of precision and reliability that underscores the Packaging System Testing process.

In summary, IETQAN’s approach to Packaging System Testing is a testament to their pursuit of perfection. From the meticulous “Accelerated Aging Studies” to upholding “Regulatory Compliance” and ISO standards, every facet reflects their commitment to delivering excellence.