We believes in perfection, and it's not just a name for us; it's our core driver and the code we strive to uphold.

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Ensuring Quality

Ensuring Quality through Validation

In the realm of Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals, where precision is paramount, IETQAN stands as a beacon of perfection. The science of sterilization validation is their testament to ensuring products meet the highest standards of quality.

“ETO Sterilizer Validation” and “Steam Sterilizer Validation” are not just keywords; they are IETQAN’s mastery. These validation processes adhere to the rigorous standards of “ISO 17025” and “ISO 17020,” reflecting the commitment to “Quality Assurance” that defines their approach.

But the heart of the matter is “Patient Safety.” Through validation, IETQAN ensures that medical products are free from microorganisms that could compromise patient health. Moreover, the validation process seamlessly aligns with “Regulatory Compliance,” demonstrating a synergy of safety and industry expectations.

The culmination of IETQAN’s dedication is the science of sterilization validation. From meticulous protocol development to execution, each step resonates with precision and accuracy, emblematic of their commitment to perfection.