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Contact Info

11 Ahram St. Heliopolis, Cairo - Egypt.

+2 0100 566 1300


General Conditions

  • IETQAN is bound by this contract to assess the client’s management system in accordance with the valid reference standards and in agreed terms.
  • The client agrees to provide IETQAN with all necessary assistance related to the contract execution during the contract term.
  • The Client shall pay to IETQAN agreed cost for services performed in the terms of the Contract/Purchase order.
  • IETQAN reserves the right to invoice reimbursement of travel expenses and other expenses of its team as per current legal requirements. This reimbursement will be added to the agreed cost of service.
  • In addition to the agreed cost the client will be invoiced also VAT as per current legal requirements.
  • IETQAN is not obligated to issue certificates/reports before the client covers all the liabilities against IETQAN.

Confidentiality and Impartiality

  • Client Information means all codes, documents, instructions, manuals, measurements, specifications, requirements, and any other information and materials provided by the Client and necessary for IETQAN to perform the certification services.
  • Confidential information means all and any non-public information disclosed by one Party to the other Party, including (but not necessarily limited to) data, know-how, concepts, manuals, reports, specifications, trade secrets, trademarks, company logos, and any other business, commercial, financial, legal, marketing or technical information.
  • Contracting parties are bound to keep following aspects irrespective of duration of relationship:
  • To keep the same degree of confidentiality as it would be own confidential information,
  • To use, reproduce and send confidential information only in the purpose, for which they have been provided,
  • To limit employees’ access to confidential information only for those, who need to get know with confidential information,
  • Not to publish confidential information to any of 3rd parties without approval of 2nd contracting party.
  • Access to confidential information does not mean that the 2nd party gets license or authorization to intellectual property protected by patent, copyright, trademark or any right for industrial property or other intellectual property.
  • IETQAN guarantees that all certification, inspection and testing processes instil confidence in the client that they are carried out in an impartial environment.

Accreditation body access

The Client shall allow the IETQAN’s Accreditation Body or their representatives’ access to any part of the service process for the purposes of witnessing the IETQAN audit team during its performance of the service to determine conformity with the requirements of the applicable standards. The Client authorizes IETQAN to disclose relevant data to the Accreditation Body.

Appeals and complaints

  • Should the Client wish to appeal against any decision of IETQAN, it should do so in accordance with IETQAN appeals procedure, available on IETQAN website or upon request
  • Should a complaint arise about IETQAN, it should do so in accordance with the IETQAN appeals procedure, available on IETQAN website or upon request.